Carota Vulgaris

Carota Vulgaris is the most natural way to experience authentic Lithuanian identity. This carrot drink has an organic raw design that's equivalent to the vegetable it symbolizes. The main idea is signified by a traditional Lithuanian garden. The harvested carrots are brought to a new life as a delightful, crisp, and refreshing drink.

The Fable – and Bottle – of Carota Vulgaris

Once upon a time he planted the seeds just weeks before the last frost.
With ample water and light, healthy carrot grew upon his Lithuanian country estate not lost.
Gently pulling the roots from the ground, the harvest of carrots was gathered and tossed.

Sometime thereafter it was fate.
That this original distillery envisioned a fine drink from such carrots he might create.
He brewed… he distilled; and to protect their purity, he stayed up late.
Until finally, one day, the drink has been made; and it wasn’t just delicious - it was GREAT!

Carota Vulgaris, in English, means simple and straight.
This beverage master’s drink was not only potent; it was simply delicious - without any debate.

Then he and team decided to do more, to go even further beyond first rate.
They decided that the bottle should also be art, regardless of date.
That it should be reusable; say, as a vase, or a candlestick, or to carry any other liquid as freight.
Indeed, they agreed that all ideas are great.

Together as a team they delivered a drink that absolutely warms each of us - and our worlds.
Within a bottle deeply creative, symbolic, beautiful - and uniquely unfurled.

Delivering a message clear, that with a little bit of work, and hope, and faith - and fate.
Just one of these bottles could bring each of us a bit of happiness and wonder with every fete.
As each new year’s harvests appears upon everyone’s plate.

Reusable bottle

Reuse this bottle every day of your life. Save the Earth for the carrots to thrive.

Creative director: Aurimas Kadzevičius
Project director: Diana Augūnaitė
Designer and illustrator: Birutė Bikelytė
Cork designer: Laura Marmienė / LOWRAIN
Year: 2021

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