Package for Theater Tickets

The "Low AIR Book" must be read using all six of your senses. These are the books with a link to the theater hall, where the show of a dance performance takes place.
This three-dimensional expression, now imbued with material and emotional value, serves as a specific format for performance tickets: now you can buy or give tickets as a gift in a form of a book. The book opens like a drawer, when you pull on the strip similar to a page marker. The back cover of the package features performance reviews and recommendations from famous actors, as if in a real book. You can purchase the book-ticket at the "Menų spaustuvė", "Low air" dance school, or it can be sent to your mail by contacting "Low air" social networks. Have a nice performance reading!
LOW AIR Vilnius City Dance Theater
GSP SUPPLY / Greita spauda
Kernius Pauliukonis “Packshot”

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